What Help is Available for Marriages?

“The secret is that love is stronger than the moments in which we argue, and I therefore always advise married couples never to let the day draw to an end without making peace.” Pope Francis, General Audience: Sacrament of Matrimony (April 2, 2014)

The Catholic Church has a number of resources for those who are seeking help for a troubled marriage. Below are a sampling of items which may be of assistance. Counseling services are also available at the Catholic Charities agencies in each diocese.

For Strengthening Marriages

Love can endure all obstacles. By developing strong communication and showing mutual support through love, couples are able to renew their commitment to their marriage vows, even in the most difficult times. Some ideas to help strengthen and restore marriages are contained in the links below:

Every marriage faces its challenges. Below are some ideas for overcoming obstacles married couples may encounter. Click on the link provided to read further:

“Financial counselors often point to finances as the most common cause of divorce… Couples need to improve communication skills so they can talk about their different ways of spending money and the different values that may underlie their financial decisions.” For Your Marriage, “Finances”
“Marital infidelity is often both a problem as well as a symptom for whatever may be missing or not working within the marriage.” Don Paglia, Diocese of Hartford, “Infidelity”
“With help, hard work, and the right kind of support, many couples are able to heal their marriage [from addiction] and create a new and healthier marital life.” Don Paglia, Diocese of Hartford, “Addictions”
“The challenge is to give work and children their due but to balance them with what’s needed to keep a marriage strong.” For Your Marriage, “Careers”
“Domestic violence has no place in a healthy relationship, whether the couple is dating, engaged, married or cohabiting.” For Your Marriage, “Domestic Violence”

In order to raise awareness about domestic violence, to help respond to and prevent violence in the family, and to educate youth and couples for peace, the following Catholic resource is available for download: How Can We Help to End Violence in Catholic Families: A Guide for Clergy, Religious and Laity by Dr. Christauria Welland.


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“Love can flourish in men and women who try not to make conflict the last word, but rather a new opportunity. An opportunity to seek help, an opportunity to question how we need to improve, an opportunity to discover the God who is with us and never abandons us.” Pope Francis, Festival of Families (September 26, 2015)
“In families, there are difficulties, but those difficulties are resolved by love…Love is a celebration, love is joy, love is perseverance.” Pope Francis, Festival of Families (September 26, 2015)